Trotter Family YMCA 2018 Annual Campaign



We have officially launched the Trotter Family YMCA Annual Campaign.  The Annual Campaign raises funds that go directly to the Trotter Community.  These funds support Swim Lessons, the LIVESTRONG program, YMCA Youth Sports, Teen Programs and Outreach.  This year the Bodyattack classes are coming together with a goal to raise $1,000 to support a sports team through one season of youth sports.  Bodyattack is a sports inspired cardio class and what is a better cause to fund than youth sports?  We have 5 Bodyattack classes during the week at Trotter.

Will you join Meredith, Jian, Laura, Sabrina and Jose and donate to our cause?

Any amount is appreciated!  You are welcome to make your donation online through this page, or we will have donation cards in class.  For a Youth Sports testimonial, please see below.

Thank you for your consideration! 

Your Bodyattack instructors!



Matthew- YMCA Youth Sports

Matthew is a typical 10-year odl who loves to play sports with his cousins and friends.  Yet, when Matthew was six years old, he was overweight, shy and was anxious around others.  His father Florencio had a stroke that left him paralyzed and unable to play sports with his son.  Playing basketball, soccer and NFL flag football at the YMCA helped him fill that void.

When Matthew scored a touchdown during the last game of the season, "The whole team cheered for Matthew, who was proud and had a smile from ear to ear.  I wanted to run into the field to celebrate with him," Florencio says.

Matthew is much more outgoing and participates as a team leader.  When interacting with his teammates, no one could ever tell that he once felt out of place.  "I'm not nervous anymore because I get to play with my family and best friends," he says.

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At the Y, we impact thousands of lives every year through the programs devoted to eliminating drowning, improving academic performance, eliminating chronic disease and childhood obesity and creating opportunities for social equity. We strive to offer to members of our community an environment that fosters personal growth, leadership skills and healthy relationships.

Your support to our cause makes a true impact, allowing us to help those who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford to participate in Y programs. Together we are able to build a solid foundation for every life that we touch, making a positive, lifelong impact in our community.

Please join us in supporting the Y by making a gift and/or fundraising today.

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